Where are the Children?

I am concerned… I am concerned that we are missing the forest through the trees when it comes to raising up the next generation in “the church”.  I am concerned that we are not really teaching them what church is (or I think should be) … we are not teaching them that the church is a body with many functioning parts… that the churches mission is to go into the world and love the broken… that we are to tell people the good news… there is One who cares for them… One who sees them… One who has commissioned His bride to teach them.

I have been watching the children in the churches I’ve attended over the last little while… They stand to worship (mostly because they have been trained to)… they endure the announcements and offering… there may or may not be a prayer for them before they are sequestered off to Sunday school so the adults can enjoy the sermon in peace.

Now I am not anti Sunday school… my own children attend Sunday school (mostly for the reason above)… I have lovingly taught Sunday School… but I think there needs to be more.

I think we need to set an example to our children that they are welcome… I don’t have a grand scheme for accomplishing this… But I believe we need to engage them as important members of the body… they need to be taught that they are loved and valued… they need to see examples of sincere prayer… hear the stories of God at work in the lives of people they know and trust… and take part in a “family” of brothers and sisters who serve others…

Any ideas on how to accomplish all  any of that?


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4 Responses to Where are the Children?

  1. Serene says:

    This has so been the way in our church too…. until this year! There has been a call to change and raise up the next generation- to teach them prayer, worship, God's word and not by talking at them but by doing it with them. This Sunday we had our first “family service” and the kids were part of it. We are still working on it all but change is happening. The kids are learning to worship- not just sing songs, to talk to God, etc, and this starting at home and church:) How did all this happen? By seeking out what God's word says about kids and then fighting with prayer (and some words) for it!


  2. Sara says:

    I would be very interested in discussing this further and getting your thoughts, as it has been something I have pondered as well…


  3. Rebecca says:

    My church does city-wide prayer services a couple times a year, and last year when I went they gave us a basic list of prayer stations, and asked us to select three. One of the stations I went to was led by a group of kids, they were probably between the ages of 8-12. They gave us each ways to pray for children around the world, and then they prayed over us! There is was, kneeling, with a child's hand on my head, praying mightily over me that God would break my heart for children around the world. Then they served us communion. It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget.


  4. Wow! I adore this idea! Children are so precious in their faith… after reading your comment I asked my children to pray for me… My darling 4 year old daughter prayed “help daddy not to toot in bed for poor mommy” Oh how hard to hold in the giggles.


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