My Dream Church

Since I am on the search for a faith community to call my own… I thought it might be fun to write a post about the ultimate church for me…

1. Everyone is Welcome

This might seem dangerous… and there may be times when a group of eclectic people with various wounds, sins and backgrounds interacting with each other is not exactly a dream situation… but EVERYONE should be welcome at the Lord’s table.
2. Potluck Every Week

Now before you think I am just being silly hear me out… Relationships are not created when we are sitting in a chair, facing a stage, listening to one guy talk… they are created one on one or in small groups.  Forgive me if I offend anyone here… but Jesus was a Jew…not a Christian… and feasting and celebration appears (from my very limited viewpoint) to have been important things in the Jewish culture… I’d like to think that God commanded the Jewish people to observe a great many special occasions and holidays in part because people bond over food…

3. Women Would Have Roles that Are Equally Significant to the Men’s.

I’m not talking about a place where women are allowed to speak… (or be pastors, or lead music, or teach, or…) but a place where women (and men) are encouraged to serve in the ways that the Holy Spirit inspires them to… A place where the conversation is not divided by sex (women in the kitchen cleaning up after the potluck while the men sip coffee and finish their desserts…) I want to engage my brothers in important matters… I want to pray with my sisters over the broken things… I want to rejoice with my whole family… I want to hear what God wants to tell me… regardless of the teacher’s gender.

4. And Just Because I’m Dreaming…
There would be leather couches instead of pews (or those cursed folding chairs) with plenty of floor cushions and throw blankets… and the foyer would have a Starbucks. 🙂

What about you?  What does your dream church look like?


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5 Responses to My Dream Church

  1. Sara says:

    sounds good, Sarah…I'm in 😉


  2. Rebecca says:

    I totally agree about the potluck every Sunday! I am single and early 30's, I always hard to find a way to connect beyond the church service and women's Bible study…it would be nice to have that regular opportunity to just sit and fellowship and get to know people!

    I would love a church that would go out and “do church” in the community atleast once a month…like instead of having Sunday school every Sunday, once a month everyone would go to a convalescent home or rescue mission and serve together. I think the church should have a real and regular presence outside of the church walls within their own communities (and beyond).


  3. Yes yes yes! I couldn't agree more!


  4. Yia Yia says:

    Y'all can come to my house and we can have us some church! And eat.


  5. You just described our house church…leather couch and all..and there is great coffee on the dinning table. We love it! We are also all homeschoolers so its also a support group 🙂 for our schooling woes. We take time to support each other and pray for each other. Between the 4 couples we have 18 children. Raising up mighty men and woman for the Lord.


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