2 Kinds of Nothing

I love the blog world… how someone’s blog post can yank at your heart strings… can make you say THAT’S ME!
I found that when I read Jennifer’s post today over at This Gal’s Journey.
In five minutes she summed up just how I feel when it comes to social justice…

“And…it’s too much. To much hurt. Too much despair  Too much of everything. How will I know where to begin? What to say? Who to help?”

There are other questions that plague me as well… Is what I choose to do enough? Where do I fit my family into the equation? God will you convince my husband? 

I suppose the biggest question of all is… what if I do nothing?

I think there are 2 kinds of nothing to choose from…the first is ignoring outright… I know that there are cocoa farms that are abusing child slaves… but I MUST have a candy bar kind of nothing.

Or there is the expectant nothing… the kind that is pregnant with hope… the kind where you are still and know that God is… The kind where you prepare to move out of nothing and root yourself in loving others… and bloom!  

Loving God,
I pray for open eyes to love those in front of me… I pray for a joyful broken heart… I pray I will not become paralysed with questions… Show me.
In Jesus Name


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3 Responses to 2 Kinds of Nothing

  1. Jennifer D. says:

    Amen, friend!! I love that…a stillness pregnant with hope. Beautiful.


  2. Serene says:

    I love reading your blog. You are real and that is so important. Thanks for coming by today. I so wanted to get to know this real mom.


  3. We shall do it again! I felt so welcome in your home… Thanks Tara!


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