Me Time Is NOT a Myth

It saddens me to see it preached to stay at home mothers that “me time” is selfish… that “me time” is a myth.
In a rather lengthy post on Facebook a popular homeschool mom blogger wrote:

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you just had more “me” time, your job would be less stressful or more exciting. 

Really?  I’m pretty sure in the working world there are days off and vacations… if there weren’t then society would be full of some cranky, worn out, people who probably no longer love what they do… (and yes there are people like that… but is that your goal?)

That’s not the kind of mother I want to be… the cure for that?  Me time…
Time when I am not responsible for the wants and needs of my children… Time to breath and be relieved of burden… Time for quiet… Time to re-energize…

And when that happens my job is less stressful… because my thoughts and actions are more loving… My brain tells me to connect with my tantrum child rather than have a tantrum myself. Instead of being irritated at the childishness of my children I remember that they are children and they are trying to do things well.

And when that happens my job is more exciting… I have the energy to play puppets with my children… It is way more likely that reading a story will be a pleasure and not a chore… My
own inner child is able to shine through and I can better embrace the messiness of a project, because the outcome will be connection with my children and treasured memories…

So sweet sister… don’t let others tell you that taking time off will not make you a better mother… do not believe the lies that time away from your family is a pursuit of greed…

Your children are worthy of a mother who is refilled… a mother whose thoughts are positive and kind… a mother whose goal is to nurture her relationship with her children… a mother who loves her job…

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4 Responses to Me Time Is NOT a Myth

  1. Christy says:

    Love this. I had no idea you have this other blog. Hope all is well.


  2. I often ask my children, “Do you want me to be the best mom I can be?” Of course the answer is 'yes!' to which I say, “Well, then I need to go be alone for awhile and do the things I love to do.” They seem to understand and the leaving and, consequently, the returning is so much sweeter.


  3. Misty Leask says:

    This is so true! Though it doesn't happen often for me, I am thankful when it does and feel so much better afterwards! Thank you for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him this week! Blessings!


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