I Must Examine This…

May I confess something to you? I often (more often than not) skip over bible verses… not while I am reading the bible… but when I am reading blog posts… or Facebook statuses I just scroll right on past the scripture parts.

Part of this may be annoyance that folks just throw out a verse or two with no context… and yes I could go searching out the surrounding text myself… but I don’t.

Another piece to the puzzle may be that I don’t know where to turn for reliable resources to interpret scripture… I have held firmly to falsehood in the past and it is painful when you build your faith on the wrong rock and that rock crumbles…

So I ask… are you a scripture skipper? Do you have any fantastic bible study resources? How do you find meaning in the bible?


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3 Responses to I Must Examine This…

  1. Serene says:

    I have recently started searching out my own- for example on children, childbirth, bringing up children. I look on blueletterbible.org and this way you can use the tools to look up the greek and hebrew on every single word. You can look up the verses or key phrases/words. And there are other study tools on there.
    PS- My pet peeve or hate-on is when people use verses in sections like Matthew 34:11b…. B!! What the heck,you can't even finish the sentence. That is a guaranteed out of context deal-i-o.
    Anyways, I am loving that I am not taking anyone's word except for God's and seeking out what the bible says instead of the status quo. I am finding that I am not in the “norm' of thought this way but I am fine with that. Truth is truth and all scripture is living and active. The end, of my two cents.


  2. Tara… You just make me wanna drink coffee with you again… Thanks for being a strong voice on my blog and encouraging me in my walk.


  3. Serene says:

    Come for coffee anytime 🙂


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