My 2 Cents About Keeping Christ in Christmas

My husband affectionately called me a ____ disturber the other day… because I posted this as my Facebook status:

How many of my Christian friends are believers because someone wished you Merry Christmas instead of a Happy Holidays? 
(not a single person commented by the way… )

Honestly the push every year to “keep Christ in Christmas” as an attempt to salvage our “right” to wish people a Merry Christmas and force them to extend the same to us…drives me a little bonkers… because there are much better ways to honour Jesus’ birth than to fight the retail industry for a Yuletide greeting… and yes I have a few ideas:

  1.  Stop and chat with the Salvation Army workers with their giving kettles… toss some coins (or better yet bills) into the slot while you’re at it.
  2. Celebrate Hanukkah… we did this one year at a dear friend’s house and it was seriously fun… plus Jesus was Jewish.
  3. Give… anonymously… without fanfare… no tweets about it… no Facebook statuses… just you and God pouring love on others.
  4. Tell and retell the story of Jesus birth to your children… read it from your bible to them… help them to be in awe of the miracle.
  5. Respond to those “Have a Happy Holidays” with a sincere “thanks, you too”… that will probably go further than a snide “Merry Christmas.”

How about you?  What are your ideas for actually keeping Christ in Christmas?

  photo credit: LivingOS via photopin cc

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1 Response to My 2 Cents About Keeping Christ in Christmas

  1. Sara says:

    awesome, Sarah 🙂


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