There is no tree…

Good bye expectations… Christmas without a tree… why that’s… still Christmas.  It’s not that I’m against Christmas trees… I’m just against chasing my 14 month old out of the tree.
Really Christmas is not all about that stress… and I am against buying new ornaments… since our box of already loved ornaments is missing since our move.

Now lest you think me a ba hum bug… We do have some decorations up on a shelf… where the baby can’t reach them…

Our Christmas books are out and ready to be read over and over and over and over…(there are actually 2 baskets full like this, just in case your judging our holiday literary collection).

And our Elf on a Shelf “Elfy” is in full swing and up to all sorts of naughty tricks…

So I assure you… my children’s emotions are intact (well in regards to our festive traditions… or lack there of)… and we are doing a fine job of enjoying the Christmas spirit… even though there is no tree.

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1 Response to There is no tree…

  1. Ah, Sarah! It is SO time for a latte. I love that you're putting Delaney first in this and working with her, not forcing conformation to something that really doesn't matter in the long run! You're the best.


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