10 Fun Facts About Me…

  1. I am FUN! I love to laugh… I am the kind of girl who is always ready for an adventure and I am very spur of the moment
  2. I am not really a woodsy person… I don’t like bugs… or the smell of evergreen trees… or rough terrain… it’s just really not my ideal environment.
  3. I really like to decorate… but I’m not very good at picking paint colours.
  4. If my hair looks good I feel pretty.
  5. I love a good conversation… especially if there are endless cups of coffee.
  6. My favourite time to pray is at night… when the lights are out… and I am tucked in my bed… and I can feel God’s presence in the quiet.
  7. I love thoughtful gifts… Those little things that tell me somebody loves me.
  8. I’m not a morning person… I never ever have been… having 3 children has not changed that… do not ask me to make important decisions in the morning…
  9. I read Amish fiction sometimes… Don’t judge…
  10. I want to get married again… to the same person… just different dress and include some different people on the guest list… and different food…
What about you?  What are some interesting things you want to tell me?

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1 Response to 10 Fun Facts About Me…

  1. Yia Yia says:

    I like fun too, and laughing and talking over coffee. I am a woodsy person, love to camp and hike with my best friend and husband.(same person) I don't like to decorate, but I'm very good at picking out paint colors. The hair thing, yeah. I like to pray in the morning, and at night, and in between times. I am a morning person, definitely. What Amish fiction do you read? By Amish or about Amish?


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