A Letter to the Old and the New

Dear 2012…

You were a good year… you were the year I turned 30… and moved back home.

You were the year I spent wonderful chunks of time with friends who are dear to me… and the year when I made more dear friends…

You were the year I started drinking my lattes 1/2 sweet… proof that I am maturing.

You were the year that I had a crisis of faith… that turned into an attitude of love over law… I still have a long way to go… but I feel like the panic of deconstruction has past.


Dear 2013…

Oh the hopes I have for you…

I hope to find community… and I hope my eyes are truly open to recognize what God’s plan is for that.

I hope to be kinder… that love will overflow and not anger or judgement.

I hope to be generous… not with just money, but with words and time.

I hope to remember that each day is a blank page before me… crisp and white with no mistakes in it… and no mater what the page before looks like… I can start again.


photo credit: ViaMoi via photopin cc

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