Five Minute Friday…What Mama Did

I inherited my singing voice from my mother…  I would love to claim that it is beautiful and melodic… but alas it makes people stare at me during events where I dare sing the national anthem… I am extremely self conscious of my voice… but she’s not.

I remember my childhood… being annoyed when my mom would make up silly songs… singing the words all wrong…  and as a teenager roll my eyes and cringe in embarrassment at the very same thing.

Listening to her off key voice in church made me want to melt into the pew… especially knowing that my own song would come out the same…

Yet she didn’t care what I thought… or what those around us in the congregation thought.

My mom sang in an attempt to play with her children… she sang to the radio as she taxied us about… and she sang to praise God.

I’m sure it makes her happy to just sing even if there are no applause waiting afterward.


Five Minute Friday

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5 Responses to Five Minute Friday…What Mama Did

  1. Fantastic memory. What a great lesson to learn too – sing anyway!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lizzy Grae says:

    Love her attitude and that you have come to an appreciation of it. Beautiful!


  3. Beth in NC says:

    It sounds like your Mom has a great personality and is fun loving. What a great example!

    I'm visiting from Lisa-Jo's blog.

    Happy Friday!


  4. Abbey D says:

    Visiting from FMF – thanks for sharing this memory of your mom. It's funny how the things that embarrassed us about our moms sometimes end up being our own qualities, too…I guess none of us are perfect. 🙂 I know God loves hearing your songs and hers just the same.


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