The Peace of Christ Be With You…

On Sunday I did something a little bit new… besides get up early and get cracking on a new morning routine…

In the middle of the afternoon… while my big kids were watching Pocahontas and the baby was (quite loudly) drifting off for her nap… I flipped to the “Midday Prayer” page in Common Prayer: A Liturgy For Ordinary Radicals

And I fell in love with the words on the pages before me…

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred let me bring love;…”

And at the end of it all Passing the Peace… but I am alone… who will I pass the peace to?


And I rejoiced as the number of likes grew… as people I don’t know in real life commented… “And also with you.”

This is a part of my community… brothers and sisters… some I know well… some I know a little and some I know not at all… passing the peace
photo credit: ms.donnalee / donna cleveland via photopin cc

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