6 Things I Try to Do on Sundays

I was struck recently by a conversation at our Friday homeschool park day:

Mom 1: So your son can’t make it to my son’s birthday party?

Mom 2: It’s on a Sunday… We will be with family.

Sundays… although we don’t currently attend a church I try to set apart Sunday as a day different from other days… this is how I do that:

1. We kind of throw out routine… no school, no real set chores, eat when we are hungry, go with the flow.

2. I make space for quiet… and that might lead to anything from reading faith blogs… to reading the bible… to guilt free napping.

3. I will probably may stay in my pajamas all day…

4. Passing the Peace of Christ… usually on Facebook… you are welcome to pass it back…

5. Enjoy the sounds of children free to play… remember that they are fostering lifetime best friendships.

6. Be OK when Sunday is interrupted… we will be going to the birthday party mentioned above… and I have plans next Sunday for lunch and pedis with my mom, grandma and 4 year old.

Sunday… a day to be set apart… but not at the expense of relationships.
  photo credit: Andrew Morrell Photography via photopin cc

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