My Stop Yelling Resources….

I am a yeller… my mother is a yeller… my granfather is a yeller… and so therefore I thought yelling was part of who I am.
I believed that lie… until I really thought about it… the fruit of yelling being produced in my children is fear, lack of trust, hurt, and breaking of our family bond. Not exactly the beautiful fruit that we are told about in Galatians is it?

And so I decided to change.. I went to short term counselling… and it helped.  I’ve been running… and it’s helped… but the yelling is not gone… the frustration over really minor things is still lingering… and even with the improvement of my anger issues…  my family is still suffering.

So I have gathered a couple of tools for my belt.
This TED talks video gives me so much hope for our family…

Our first family meeting is this Saturday… and I am so excited to take steps to changing the way the Scotts live together.

The Orange Rhino Challenge is a blog by an anonymous mom who put out the challenge to not yell for 1 year. (Now you y’all may remember that I am also reading One Bite at a Time by Tsh Oxenreider).  I feel like 1 year is pretty big so starting Monday April 1 2013 (no joke) I will begin 30 days of not yelling.

I just love it when the first of the month is on a Monday… It makes starting something new just that much more satisfactory. Wanna join me?

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1 Response to My Stop Yelling Resources….

  1. i'm in… and praying Someone will send all Heaven's resources to hog-tie my tongue. lol


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