So Here I Am on Day 30

The first week was easy… easier than I thought it would be… kind of like beginners luck in a casino… you pull the handle, things start to spin… there is anxiety… insecurity… but cha ching you come out the other side a winner…

So you put in a little more money (or add a few more expectations and commitments)… let down your guard a little… but it doesn’t work that way… you don’t win investing in chance… putting your hope into a random machine…

There was a KABOOM on the 8th of the month… and the Scott family was wounded once again… I could blame it on PMS… or stress or any number of things… but instead I will choose to admit that I was riding the invincible illusion of a winner’s high…

I have resorted to wall push-ups and deep breathing to keep the beast at bay…

But I am not so naive to think I can do this all on my own… so thank you ladies who are supporting me and one another in this… Here’s to another 30 days!


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1 Response to So Here I Am on Day 30

  1. we CAN do this! i told my mom that during the whole month of april, i yelled at my children only about 4 times. wow. i'm completely proud of us.


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