There Is Hope In This Day…

Divorce is an epidemic in my family… my parents are each married… for the third time… my grandparents are each divorced and remarried… a few aunts and uncles are still on marriage #1… but not many.

 For this reason Craig and I are diligently investing in our marriage… and yesterday we came to a milestone… 10 years married…

If you look closely there are clues that we have been together a while… my post babies soft squishy middle…

the craziness…

That fuels our passion…

and our skills to nap anywhere…

We have loved, fought, made up, made out and grown these last 10 years… and even though time changes us… and we discover hidden secrets still… we are still here… committed… loving… and that is tremendously hopeful.

Oh and I just HAVE to show off my anniversary bling…


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3 Responses to There Is Hope In This Day…

  1. amette says:

    Congratulations, Craig and Sarah! Thank you, Sarah, for these honest and candid thoughts – and for your obvious, 100% commitment to your marriage. It's worth it, hey?


  2. Serene says:

    Love this. Sweetness.


  3. Miranda says:

    Looooooooooooooooooooove your ring.


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