Summer is in full swing… There are nooks and crannies to explore in our new neighborhood… The trench dug around my house tells me that we are taking more steps toward finishing our major renovations… and I am longing for simplification.

Because if things were simpler then my goal of not yelling would be so much easier… if things were simpler there would not be this constant battle with clutter… my spirit would be better nurtured if only things were simpler.

All or none of this may be true… perhaps a reevaluation of how I am called to live is in order… perhaps the solution is not living simply, but loving more in the midst of complicated… embracing warts and wounds.

Breathing deep so that I don’t wish away the life I have in constant search for a simpler one.

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6 Responses to Simpler

  1. Serene says:

    I find that I fill when I am missing being filled with truth. I grasp at my own will to change and it fails. I struggle with these same things you speak of everyday. It is only when I am filled that my heart begins to change and my will has to conform to my heart. Does that make sense? This is not a rebuke either… these are my own thoughts, as I have been struggling with these same things as of late. I don't know how this concept works but only notice that it does. Otherwise my hope is in the fact that if “this just changes, I will be better.” But that never happens, at least not for long. Your thoughts?


  2. How do you become full without exerting your will to fill up? It's a catch 22 I feel like… Change only happens when you seek it out… But is not fulfilling on your own strength… Such a confusing topic…


  3. Also upon further reflection my ambition and inspiration is always MUCH more abundant when I ask for it in prayer…


  4. Serene says:

    My comment was a little unclear there now I read it again…. I meant that I try and fill myself or help my spirit with coffee dates or making quilts or some new project but that effort always falls short. It does take will to change but it seems if I seek out God in that and the truths in his word about what I am struggling with etc, then all falls into place without the constant nagging reminders in myself. Which is what I mean by my will lining up with the truth planted in my heart. When I am off course, that struggle seems to come back because I am unhappy and ungrateful and unsettled. I do think that simpler life and quieter times help too though.


  5. Not to be obnoxious but change only happens when we seek the Changer. The closer to the true Light we get, the “lighter” we become. 🙂


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