Once Again…

Once again I am finding myself emptying the excess… vowing to have less… promising myself in my exhausted state that I do not ever want to have to go through stuff like this again.

Once again I tell myself that my money could be put to better use than accumulating more stuff… that I will steward better… that I will ignore the cute outfit at Winners and shop in my closet instead…

Once again I tell myself that I will not look to Pinterest to solve this dilemma… but to the One who clothes the fields with lillies… the one who whispers that I am valuable with out my things…

Once again I try to dig my way out of the piles to show my children that love is what life is about… but not the love of possessions… people… relationships are what’s important…

I know that I will find myself coming back to this place once again… and again… and again.


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