September Resolutions

September is a season of new beginnings…And so I will choose to make a few September resolutions…
(I plan to evaluate and create new goals each month)

Health: I NEED TO RUN… but I have been letting my laziness get in the way… so my new motto is: “just put on your running gear and see how far that takes you.” Goal: Since I am having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow I am not making my goal to run every day in September… but my goal is to get up and move my body… with the hope of running the last 1/2 of September.

Personal Growth: I want to meet new people… not that my current peeps aren’t fabulous… but want to put myself out there and risk inviting people over for a meal or coffee… Goal: Invite 3 people that have never been to my house over.

Spiritual Growth: I confided in a friend that even though I am not looking forward to having my wisdom teeth out… I am secretly looking forward to the rest that will come with recovery.  WHAT THE HECK!! Something is wrong here if I am excited about drugs and sleep after surgery… Goal: 2 days in September that are just me… I will not grocery shop, run errands, clean…etc.  I will rest.  That might look like Craig taking the kids away… or me hiring a babysitter for an afternoon… but I will be alone to read, think, pray, be calm, relax…

What about you?  Do you have September goals?

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