October Resolutions

Even though it’s not quite the end of September… I am going to report on how I did with September’s Resolutions and set some for October…

Goal 1 was to take up running again… I bombed that!  No running here!  Not a single bit.

Goal 2 was to have 3 new people over to my house… I half accomplished this… While none of the people that I had over in September were new in my life… I did have quite a few people over… Relatives, out of town friends… neighbors… our construction contractors… and my house was not always neat and tidy when these folks were here… so even though I didn’t exactly complete this goal I am still going to give myself a gold star for being brave and opening my doors.

Goal 3 was to have 2 days of rest in September… did not happen… but I did manage to set aside 30 minutes after supper most nights to curl up in my bed and read… quiet is sooo important for me to be refreshed… so this goal gets a bronze star.


Health: RUN… yup same as last month… if at first you don’t succeed… try again.

Personal Growth: Create a daily checklist so I feel like I am actually accomplishing something… I think I am pretty bogged down in the mundane… so the act of crossing something off a list just might help with that… Hey it works for my kids!

 I also have a mini goal of possibly finding a mothering mentor… so if you have any ideas on how to go about this please chime in…

Spiritual Growth:  Continue to set up my quiet time boundary after supper…  I also want to have some time alone with God… without outside influence… to really get to know Him… to actually listen… to seek out His ideas for loving others…

Books to Read:

 So tell me what are your October goals? Do you have a mentor? How did you find your him/her?
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1 Response to October Resolutions

  1. Magoonerbar says:

    I was expecting to see that you were not going to be using electronic devices as much, I am glad to hear that is not the case as I would miss you too much.
    So I my self have never had a single mentor, I have had many… Taking tidbits of daily life living from different women, but striving first to master one before trying all and failing. Also letting go completely of things you are not good at, its OK! I like the idea of taking baby steps to accomplish goals and feel I completed it. I remember starting this years ago as a completely stay at home mom with babies. My list (not physical) had only one entry. Dishes, if I could at least have the dishes washed before my husband got home that made me happy. For a while I was able to complete this everyday and then I could add an item to the list of everyday things. Once the mundane was taken care of with relative ease I felt free to have sporadic project goals, which really boosted my moral as a mom. Projects only have a limited life span in my mentality and when one project died or finished I would find I would go through a morning phase, searching for a new one. Maybe this is what you are seeking. You told me how good you felt to see the pile of wood move and get stacked with your arms, so gratifying. My advice is to seek projects that begin and end in a relative time, boosting your psyche each time till your projects last longer with the same result.


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