Love Lessons for the Discontent

It’s a choice really… and I’ve heard that a lot during this journey of mine… it isn’t a feeling… it’s about doing… {love}
Rarely is it convenient… or easy… but it is sacred and holy… and worth so much more when sacrifice is involved…

I am watching my Meadow girl grasp little tidbits of this… in the above picture she is stuck in the snow… stuck because she was helping her brother bring in wood and stepped a little too far into the deep snow.
When you are loving… it isn’t always smooth sailing.

We are taking care of our friends’ animals for a little while right now… and Meadow is most helpful staying in the car with her baby sister… even though she longs to get out and feed chickens with the rest of us… you don’t always get to love how you want to…

I know for certain that Meadow hasn’t fully learned these lessons… but really have any of us?  I still sulk when I struggle with a task and it doesn’t totally work out… I get frustrated when I don’t get the exciting job because I am the most useful “sitting in the car”.

But possibly through observing my five year old… God is showing me how to love better…


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1 Response to Love Lessons for the Discontent

  1. Well said Sarah — a lesson we all need to pay heed to – thanks for the reminder. -Krina


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