Chronicles of a Scott Family Get-Away… Part 1

Travelling to Halcyon Hotsprings Resort was not the least bit exciting… I tried to find advertised landmarks and tourist attractions to point out to the children… But honestly the most interesting thing we came across was an enormous carving of Smokey the Bear circa 1976.

We did manage to find a hidden gem of a restaurant… The kind where the fries are hand made with real potatoes… And the kids menu burger was made from scratch right down to the pretzel bun it was served on.

Our cottage is small and quaint and cozy… Sleeping in the loft is an adventure for the kiddos. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe when Meadow marveled at how clean the little place is.

While soaking in the pools for the second time tonight Meadow and I played pretend… We were in a mermaid lagoon and Meadow is a mermaid with brown hair, an orange tail and pink sea shells… She also has a magical seahorse named Jewel…

Hudson and Delaney also had a blast in the pools… Hudson is the bravest kiddo so far… Plunging himself up to his chest in the cold (12C) pool. Delaney leaps off the underwater benches yelling “I swimmin’!”.

Early to bed for Craig and I… It’s amazing how willing one is to go to sleep when there is no internet for entertainment.

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