Chronicles of a Scott Family Get-Away Part 2

As it turns out, going to sleep before 9pm was a brilliant decision… Since Delaney was awake and wanting to “snuggle” at 6am.

  A 2 year olds definition of snuggle differs greatly from the rest of society… She lures you in with her adorable ways first… And you genuinely believe that she will actually lay still and let you drift off to sleep… Then BAM! “No more monkeys jumping on the bed…” ” I need a drink…” Before you know it it’s 6:05am and the whole family is awake.

Our older children surprised Craig and I by tying their underwear to the resort bathrobe belts and lowering them through the banister rails into our faces while we were having our morning coffee… The little darlings.

After our first breakfast… (Oh yes indeed there was a second one later on)… We took the children to see the little chapel where we… As two fresh faced 21 year olds… Became husband and wife… Meadow… Who is obviously part of the Pinterest generation… Asked “Did the church look better when you got married in it?”… Alas no sweet child… It looked exactly the same.

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1 Response to Chronicles of a Scott Family Get-Away Part 2

  1. John Bowers says:

    Wow the church does look exactly the same
    Glad you had a good time and the kids had fun


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