My Eyes Were Opened to Kindness…

I was loved on by a stranger over the weekend… and she probably don’t even know her impact on me…
A woman standing next to me at the Santa Claus Parade lent me a fleece blanket to keep Delaney warm… since her’s was being used by her frozen sister…

I witnessed my mom collect candy for a mentally challenged man next to her… and I wanted to burst into tears and high five and hug her… but we’re not really that kind of family… (plus crying would have made my face even more frozen than it already was)…

As I was running along 8th Avenue with a stroller full of screaming two year old and a 7 year old running along side me suffering from biting cold extremities himself… people moved aside to let me pass and folks waiting to cross Columbia Street bid me to go ahead of them…

One of my BFF’s wrote this on Facebook:
So begins our second annual advent of giving! I hesitated to post about our family’s RACKs (random acts of Christmas kindness) as sometimes it sounds like, ‘here over here, give me a pat on the back, look how good I am’ but I realized how I loved to hear what other people were doing for others and this may just encourage you to spread some love as well!!! So last night we all sat together writing out some of our favorite giving’s of last year and jotting down some new ones. Today is the day we chose to start our purposeful Christmas RACKs. We loved, that last year it inspired the kids to see the world differently even after the holiday was over… Yay! Today we set out to Prince George to do our own personal family’s first day of advent too, we went to see Frozen! All our eyes were peeled, looking for opportunities, they are everywhere. At the mall last week I was overwhelmed at the knowledge and service I and everyone else was receiving at the Telus store, The three girls that were working then were also working today, so I quickly got a couple gift cards and dropped it off to them, reminding them how good a job they were doing! I also had the opportunity to see a young mother and small child behind me in line at Taco Del Mar. It was so fun to whisper instructions to the cashier and walk out full of wondering how they would react when their bill was paid. I love love love this time of year and plain giving period. So I hope you all can be encouraged to pass on some joy and kindness in this stressful, busy and sometimes overwhelming time of year!

And she is inspiring her community to perform random acts of kindness…

And my eyes have been opened… and I am so overjoyed by what I see.

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