Grief… Again

It’s been nearly nine years since my sister died… my life is mostly normal… day to day I am generally not a time bomb of emotions ready to explode at any moment…

Yesterday grief came around and kicked my ass…

I don’t visit the cemetery…  It’s not a comfort for me… I don’t tend to make intentional my honoring of her memory… I think of Julie when I make a pot of Kraft Dinner… or eat a beef ‘n cheddar sandwich from Arby’s…

But yesterday I went to a candlelight service for parents to remember their children who have gone on before them… I went with my mom… and I cried… and cried some more I cried until I was exhausted… until my head ached to terribly that all I could do was close my eyes and pray for relief…

So I want to tell you… You whose loss is fresh… You don’t have to “get over it”… You don’t have to be strong… And while time will make things easier… It really isn’t ever over.

Some times there are events so big in life that they impress them selves on your memory so deeply that it seems like no time has passed at all… Even when nearly a decade has passed.

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2 Responses to Grief… Again

  1. Must be the season … but I just wrote something along these lines the other day as regards my dad. Grief never really passes we just get used to carrying it along with us.


  2. Lisa says:

    Odd timing for me as well. Just yesterday while driving around doing Christmas shopping I started to cry about missing my brother. And strangely enough, my missed opportunities to buy gifts for unborn nieces and nephews. You are right Sarah, you never have to “get over it” these people were and are significant.


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