Write Crap…

A fellow homeschool mom Teresa from Capturing the Charmed Life posted a list titled You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…

Number 4 on her list caught my eye… “The kiddos tell grandpa to “write crap” when you’re stuck for clever story ideas.”

I am in a bit of a stuck place lately… I feel like some topics around here need a bit of a rest… and other topics swirling around in my head are either somewhat taboo… or not really my story to tell…

But over this week… for at least the next 5 days… in the spirit of practicing my art… honing my gift… and establishing my voice… I will write crap…

Feel free to join me!

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1 Response to Write Crap…

  1. http://queenheroical.blogspot.ca/2014/03/writing-crapor-right-crap.html

    I like how the words crap and or come together in my link to make a new and perplexing word …crapor … I think I need to use that more often


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