Writing Crap Day 4: A Letter To My Senior Citizen Self

Welcome to writing crap day 4…

 I’m gathering my inspiration from an outside source today by using a blogging prompt:

Write a letter to your senior citizen self. What would you say?

Dear Senior Sarah,
I have so many hopes for you… 
I hope you are comfortable in your skin… and that you are kind and gentle to yourself.
I hope you are a disciplined and avid runner… 
I hope you are best friends with our children…
I hope you are a kick ass Grandma…

I kind of wish actually you were here now telling 30 something me that everything turns out just fine…
That my children aren’t emotionally scarred (too badly)… that they are loving, compassionate, passionate and generous people.

I want to know that we are all healthy…
And have you sooth my fears about getting older…

I look forward to the many adventures we will go on… and I cringe when I think of the hard things we will have to endure.

Until we meet please know that I am working hard to learn and grow and love.

What would you write to your senior self?

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