I Long to be a Minimalist…

I long to be a minimalist… and that may be shocking to some of you… especially if you are aware of my love for shopping treasure hunting…

My latest Pinterest obsession has been posts like The Bare Minimum 30 Piece Wardrobe… but disowning my clothes mostly terrifies me…
You see I don’t feel like I am a particularly fashion savy person… so when it comes to donating that skirt I haven’t worn in 2 years… I panic… what if I think of a really great outfit to put together and that skirt is the cornerstone?

The skirt in question…
And if I do go through my wardrobe and purge… will I have to spend money to bring it “back up to code?” Is it even up to code now?  
I just wanna look cute and not drown in my possessions damn it!  
So help me out… do you have a minimalist wardrobe?  Do you love it?  How did you get to where you are now?  Give me your tips and advice!

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4 Responses to I Long to be a Minimalist…

  1. Serene says:

    I am a minimalist. I own very little. I purge my clothes so often and the rest I wear to holes. It is not always good. Wearing holes. I long to have just a little more and to be conscious of what goes together. I am not for sales. I am for what I really like. I am for that beautiful sweater but I don't shop often enough to bring in some full outfits. I am not answering any of your questions…. hmmm….


  2. You get it Tara! I have lots of things… but hardly any mix and match. That is what I want a closet of 30 or so items that can be worn with at least 3 different combinations. Craig was like well just pack up your clothes and put them in the attic for a while… he does not get it…


  3. If it has been 2 years… its time to say goodbye.


  4. Yes… alas it is in a black bag waiting to be donated…


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