Thankful Thursday #1

On Thursdays a few friends and I post a list on Facebook about what we are thankful for… I’m just tweaking  my own list and putting it here on Goats Milk Lattes. Presenting Thankful Thursday the blog edition…

  1. Lattes… lovely creamy frothy caffeinated mugs of heaven… 
  2. Sunshine… it brings with it the hope of brighter days.
  3. Baby corn stalks… They love the sun too… and they make me think of summer… and butter…mmm butter.
  4. A fresh box of new chalk…
  5. My Inspires The Hell Outta Me Pinterest Board… 
  6. The anticipation of Spring Break…
  7. This shelf… it is just so tidy and organized…
  8. Books Books Books!  I love books!
  9. Coffee and chocolate with friends on a lazy afternoon..
  10. People who step up and do good things… 

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4 Responses to Thankful Thursday #1

  1. I am thankful for:
    Coffee with cream and sugar.
    Kids who got up early today but decided to go play nicely together and let me sleep until 9.
    and… my husband who gets up really early in the morning to go out and work so I can stay home and be with/ home educate my kids.


  2. Oh Suvannah I so often forget to be thankful for the ability to homeschool thanks for the reminder…


  3. Serene says:

    I am off facebook and so wanting to blog my thankfuls. And I love your thankfuls. Will you be mad when it looks like I am copying? Lol.


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