What Worked Well… #1

I was thinking it might be therapeutic  encouraging to look back on my week and share what worked well… so looking back here are some things that were luminous this week

Fitbit Spurts

See this little beauty?  It’s a Fitbit… it counts my steps… tracks my sleep… and helps me set fitness goals…

This week I have set my Fitbit to buzz every hour… when I feel the vibration I turn on some groovy tunes (did I just say groovy tunes? Oh my gosh!) and run in place for 2 minutes… I hope to bump up the time I run to 1 minute each week…

photo credit: Meadow Scott

Here I am running on the spot… I look a little angry here… but I assure you I am just feeling extra intense.

What worked well for you this week?

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1 Response to What Worked Well… #1

  1. Lisa says:

    You are awesome.


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