Less Stuff = More Life

There is a blackness rotting my soul… I’m not sure if it’s consumerism… or perfectionism… or both… there is a vicious cycle you see…
I need a few new things to wear… We’re a homeschool family… so MORE BOOKS!!!
Heck yesterday I almost bought bento boxes because we have to pack lunches twice a week for a month or so…

And then the stuff piles up… and there is more stuff… and the Pinterest organization boards aren’t helping…
and the rage starts to fill me… why can’t we just put our stuff away?

And then there is the fear… because behind anger there is most certainly fear… fear that:

  • You will discover (if you haven’t already) that I am a clutter bug…
  • I am ruining my children with this mess… and my crappy attitude when the mess gets to me… 
  • The pain to get rid of will be too great…
I’m sure there are other fears that I have not identified… but I am done… I am done living this way… I am ready to change…
So step 1 is to change my thinking… I will be reading:


As well as challenging myself to get rid of 40 Bags in 40 Days I’ve already got 7 bags and 3 boxes ready to go!

Something has to change… And bit by bit I believe it is…


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4 Responses to Less Stuff = More Life

  1. MelissaLeech says:

    I feel you! I am in the same boat. I struggle with running the dayhome, planning to homeshool, craft materials for the kids and me, fitting in space for hubby, etc.. At times I think a bigger home (since ours is small) is the answer, but then I remember when we moved here it was a bigger home…and I realize the problem is us not the home!
    Love your book suggestions!


  2. brilliant. It seems that no matter how much I purge our stuff.. more just climbs up and replaces it. I would be a minimalist in a minute. My husband LOVES stuff.
    But what is the most frustrating is how cluttered and messy my kids bedrooms get. With in a day they become scary. And I can't help but think.. that its just not a comfortable calm place to rest for the night..

    Anyways. My goal for next week is to purge some more.. I definitely dream of being a minimalist. 🙂

    PS. Now I want bento boxes ahaha


  3. PPS. Can I borrow Clutter Free Kids when you have read it?


  4. Serene says:

    Hmmmm…. I have wonder if your “clutter” is made up of useful things? I find that if one says ” we might use it one day…” that you don't really need it.
    I have a Grandma. She is a hoarder. She has a house full of things that might be one day needed, but it is no longer a home- people can't visit, there is no where left to sit or have a meal. It is sad. But the sadness comes from a deeper place in her- from being poor, from losing people loved, from being neglected.
    I read and I wonder if you need to hold onto things because of loss? Or if you just like pretty things? If it is the latter, than I think you are okay to de-clutter and organize. If it is something deeper then?…..
    Just a thought. I hope not an offensive one…


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