Why My Husband Believing in Evolution Shook My Core…

“Sarah is an amazing pray-er…” A friend of mine once told the whole church… “if you ever need someone to pray for you it’s her.”

“Sarah is really great at organizing ladies retreats…” another friend has boasted about me…

I read Lee Strobel and Ken Hamm so I would be able to “defend” my faith to “non-believers” in my life…

I feared the secular scientists infiltrating my children’s minds with the lies of evolution…

I fit the mold… I drank the Kool-Ade… I was sold out.

So a few years back when Craig “came out” as an evolutionist… my core was rocked violently…and that was awesome… because, you see,  I was not standing on the right foundation.  All those nice things my friends said about me… they made up the cornerstones… all that knowledge I had collected… it was my rock…

Everything crumbled because Jesus was not what it was built on…

What do I believe about the age of the Earth now?  It doesn’t matter… it does not affect my ability to love others… there are two very real possibilities and I will never know for sure this side of Heaven.

Last Week I asked that same friend who said I was an amazing pray-er why she thinks I’m awesome… I was not being narcissistic… It was a mission for SuperBetter… Here is a part of the list she sent:

 “She feels conviction. In a world where conviction is mostly numb. Sarah feels it, she hurts when others hurt, she crys when others cry and rages when others rage. She carries new socks in her purse just in case she might meet someone who needs them. Conviction-awesome!”

And it helps me see that bit by bit my foundation is being rebuilt… upon a rock of truth and love and light instead of inside a cookie cutter.

  photo credit: Jude Doyland via photopin cc

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