Thankful Thursday #4

Last week I was busy shopping until I dropped at a conference… and Thursday just slipped my mind… oops… but the show must go on inspite of my flakiness so here is this week’s Thankful Thursday!

  1. Bootlegger clothes… seriously the only place I could find shirts that were not cropped… and the most fabulous Silver capris on sale! 
  2. We are getting a BIG bunny… and choosing will be so hard when the time comes because look at how cute these babies are!!!
  3. Hudson is reading Black Beauty and I am so excited that he understands tricky things… like who the narrator is.
  4. Texts about poop and coffee from Anita.
  5. Friends who turn into goat people and then let me take care of their baby goat for a while…
  6. Spring and sunshine and playing and schooling outside!
  7. Morning snuggles with my girlies.
  8. Breakfast… I didn’t used to be much of a breakfast person… but I gotta say, now I really like breakfast.
  9. It’s my birthday in 3 sleeps and I LOVE my birthday!!
  10. Good neighbours… Who bring my goat treats and don’t complain about our noisy rooster.

What are you thankful for? I encourage you to make your own list and post it for others to see…

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