The Well Loved Mother…

Hello my name is Sarah and I am a recovering stuff-a-holic… let me tell you how I know that recovery is happening.

This Mother’s day I did not receive jewelry… which in past years I felt I REALLY deserved… flowers were not presented to me… not a mug or box of chocolates was wrapped up for me.

This kid gave me tissue paper, smooches and all of her excitement that this is a special day for mommy… and my heart was filled.

This beauty gave me an unlimited coupon book valid for back rubs, cleaning my coffee station, and breakfasts in bed… She is especially gifted at cleaning the coffee station… and my heart was filled (but my eyes leaked).

This boy… the creature who made me mama… he spent a morning learning with daddy… learning how to make one of his mommy’s favorite things… lattes…. and my heart overflowed (and my eyes leaked some more).

And then I unwrapped this… but let me tell you this is not stuff folks… because inside there is love… a note and picture from each kiddo… and room for mother’s day notes and pictures for years to come…

And there is this… forget the eyes just leaking… oh lawdy pass the tissue box and sit there awkwardly as I sob… because you see my heart is bursting.


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