We All Need Oxygen…

Sometimes I just “know” in my core that I am royally screwing up my children.  All of my little failures form an army and infiltrate my system.  Instead of oxygen flowing through my blood, there is defeat.

Like when one’s two year old punches one’s friend in the head… ugh… please Earth open up and swallow me now…

But wait… there is a plot twist.  After dealing with now frantic toddler who eventually apologizes to Mrs. Chewy (not her real name, but one we give her out of love and said toddler’s still developing speech)… my friend says… I love watching you parent… you’re so good at it.

My heart swells… I just might be slogging through these trenches on the path to victory… the tools and tricks I have picked up along the way just might be working.

That is the power of encouraging one another… lifting each other up… it makes us better… it fills us with oxygen again.

photo credit: Andrew Mason via photopin cc

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