Thankful Thursday #10

Sometimes I just can’t believe the awesome gifts I receive… I hope to always be grateful.

  1. My mother in law took care of my kiddos for a whole weekend…
  2. So that I could be wined and dined (or cidered and hotdogged) at the CBC Music Fest.
  3. Craig had a pretty good attitude about being at IKEA…

  4. Relaxing at Harrison Hot springs resort. (sidenote:  there sure were a lot of romantic older couples in the pools).
  5. Having a house cleaner… seriously such a great investment in my sanity!!!
  6. Running away to sip wine with my Dad…
  7. Finding a white wine that makes me swoon a little… 
  8. Baby robins that some compassionate teenage girls are hand raising.
  9. Sending and receiving fun mail… I love fun mail… ahem just sayin’
  10. A lovely summer day ahead of me with plans for a hike and a nap…

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