Thankful Thursday #11

Sigh what a week… am I allowed to say I’m thankful that I am not a species who eats their young!?!? Alas on with the show… Positive thinking Sarah.

  1. Hiking with Grandma Frank… along with all of the lovely childhood memories I have of walking this same trail to Margaret Falls. 
  2. When one of my children locked my keys in the car Grandma knew a very nice tow truck driver who “broke in to” my car free of charge.
  3. Sleep… Oh man how I love sleep.
  4. Toddler logic… playing in the puddle beside the swimming pool at the park.
  5. Amazing thunderstorms… they are just too cool.
  6. Other moms who just “get” that you are having an “I might devour my young” kind of day (or week).
  7. My family is well…
  8. I have a beautiful new deck to hang out on… (and entertain on, so come on over!)
  9. Iced coffee… seriously a survival mechanism.
  10. 10 minute mommy naps… Seriously try it!

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