I Write Everywhere Man…

So I am currently working on my second short story since April… My mama read my first one and she said it’s good so I felt worthy of writing fiction again.

My hope is that eventually I will have a collection of stories and maybe some poetry to bind onto a book for my children… and maybe convince my seriously talented baby sister to create some cover art for said book.

So for now I write in sneaking opportunities… Sometimes it looks like this:

Children playing Duplo on the same coffee table I am resting my feet on… Other times my space looks like the kitchen island… and on the rarest of lovely occasions it looks like STARBUCKS!

 (Note: If you are at Starbucks and notice a woman with a cute pixie cut and amazing glasses sitting with her laptop open in front of her, please keep the number of  loud cell phone conversations to zero! You know just sayin’).

I’m sure my space will look like lots of other places as I carry on this prose pilgrimage.  Where do you write?

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