Ten True Things About Me… At The Moment

I went for lunch with a friend today… whose house I have gone to every week for like 12 weeks… but she spoke truly when she said “Tell me about you… We’ve hung out but I don’t really know you”  I don’t know how successful I was at revealing more of myself to her… so I thought this little list would be fun…

  1. I wish it was socially acceptable for people to touch more… Please don’t think I’m creepy… You see I’m pretty good at giving shoulder rubs… and I know that could bless people… but it’s kinda awkward to be like “So you want me to massage you?”
  2. If you call me and say “Hey you wanna (insert spontaneous adventure here) … it is rare that I will say no… I will probably say no to camping or outdoor activities in the winter things with my smallest child though.
  3. I used to be a very black and white person… now there are actually few things I hold with a closed fist.  I am embracing grey… the color… ahem.
  4. I want to be great at something… but have very little patience to hone a craft… I am trying hard with writing however.
  5. I like to pick things… It’s hereditary… my mother and my sister have the same problem  skills.
  6. I’m a lot better driver than I used to be… according to Craig.
  7. I am more freaked out  bothered by moths than spiders… there are a few times I have either screamed so loud I woke up most of my family or caused bodily harm to an innocent bystander… when faced with an unexpected moth encounter.
  8. I love fluffy clouds… they remind me of paintings… which is odd I suppose since they are real life.
  9. Watch Derek… I loves that show.
  10. Good conversation fuels me… it’s nice to know someone and be known well… I like discovering that I am not alone in my quirks.  
There you go people!  What did you learn? 

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4 Responses to Ten True Things About Me… At The Moment

  1. As the friend who asked, I want to clarify that despite my lack of details I know I like you, you are a warm, open, and interesting person who I am pleased to spend time with and eager to get to know better 🙂 Derek is awesome, but Kevin makes me squidgy, in a not good way.


  2. Fenny says:

    Makes me wish I lived closer so we could hang out IRL!


  3. Krina… you are so kind… and I agree about Kev.


  4. Janna says:

    Grey is so hard for me too! Black and white is so much easier, but causes too many problems I' suppose 😉


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