Thankful Thursday… Lucky #13

  1. Today I am ever so grateful for a certain 8 year old boy who is outside playing with his sister so that I can REALLY clean the kitchen.
  2. I am also thankful for ambition to clean the kitchen.
  3. My husband came home yesterday and noticed a bunch of stuff I got done… even though the house was still a major disaster work in progress
  4. Minnows just waiting to be netted…
  5. Not gonna try to hide it… black raspberry merlot over ice… Come visit me and I’ll pour you some!
  6. Space on my bookshelf…
  7. I have not been away from home for two days… blissish
  8. I successfully BBQed a pork roast seasoned with thyme I grew in my garden and some zucchini’s and peppers… with only Google for support.
  9. After an impressive supper last night I can guiltlessly serve my family hot dogs tonight.
  10. My kiddos stuff is all packed to go camping with Grandpa and Grandma tomorrow…

photo credit: Sadie Hernandez via photopin cc

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1 Response to Thankful Thursday… Lucky #13

  1. John Bowers says:

    #10 is good to hear


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