5 Intentional Choices That Make Me a Better Mom…

Please note that the title of this post is not Intentional Choices That Make Me a Better Mom… Than You.  These are quite simply things that I have chosen for my family that make me a better mom than I would be without them.

We live rural…This means that my kiddos have plenty of places to explore.
We have no shortage of pets to care for… teaching gentleness, compassion and serving others.
I don’t feel the need to be a helicopter parent… my kids abundance of freedom creates confidence.

We homeschool… (refer to top paragraph where I stated that these are my choices that make ME a better mom).
This gives me the opportunity to be part of my kiddos every day…
 I often learn right alongside them…
I am part of their struggles and their victories.

I hire a house cleaner… Why beat myself over the head with something that I kind of suck at?  I have a great house cleaner… she knows the drill… my house is always much less chaotic when she is done… and less stress means happier mama.

We limit toys… If it doesn’t fit in the red box in the livingroom or serve a specific purpose (ex: game, puzzle, hobby…) then it doesn’t usually stick around.  This somewhat stops my house from being over run with ahem dare I say…crap.

I surround myself with other moms… Especially ones who think I am a good mom and have a fondness for my children… I have enough self doubt without having someone else add to it… plus I need a village… I need women in my life who are supportive and encouraging… and I believe that I have a monkey sphere who will lift me up (or at least help me escape) when the going gets rough.

What do you do that makes you a better mom?  How do you handle the rough spots of parenting?

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