Thankful Thursday… Sweet 16

Welcome to Thankful Thursday… feel free to chime in about what you are thankful for this week.

  1. The opportunity to chat with some pretty spectacular kids while their parents were at the hospital with their baby brother.
  2. Soup… mmm soup
  3. Friends who volunteer to pick up lunch on their way up to visit.
  4. Garlic and herb perogies swimming in brown butter… (oh yes I did).
  5. Waking up before my kiddos… it is so much easier to be happy with them when they are not the disturbers of my slumber.
  6. Podcasts…they are like a little bit of adult conversation… even thought I’m surrounded by the 8 and under crowd.
  7. Books that make me want to DO SOMETHING!!! (stay tuned for my to read list coming soon).
  8. Toddlers who are tired at naptime… can I get an amen Mamas?
  9. My car… it’s kind of zippy… it runs well… and it fits my family.
  10. It’s cool enough at night to snuggle my hubby.

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1 Response to Thankful Thursday… Sweet 16

  1. miranda says:

    I love that you love my kids! Cause I think they are pretty fantastic too. I also think they have some pretty awesome neighbor kids to hang out and bake cookies with.


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