2 Ways to Give Through Crafting…

Fall is on it’s way… (don’t shoot the messenger).  The days are getting shorter… the nights are feeling colder… and you just might be looking for something to do while binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix… If that’s the sort of thing you do… ahem.

Here are a couple of organizations I know of that could benefit from your handiwork and multitasking:

Craft Hope:

A few years back now Hudson and I scoured the local fabric store for the perfect pillowcase fabric to make and send a pillowcase to a little boy in Children’s Hospital… 
Craft Hope was the driving force behind this campaign… They’ve organized drives for many different items…from bean bags for Liberian orphans to sock monkeys for children who lost homes to wildfire in Texas. Click on over to their site and see what they are working on now to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Knit a Square:

This is what I’ve been working on while binge watching The Mindy Project listening to educational podcasts… ahem… Crocheting blanket squares for Knit a Square.
I love crocheting blanket squares for Knit a Square…  I choose an easy pattern that my hands can pretty much take over automatically… and spend an evening relaxing and crafting… 
A couple of my friends have been making squares as well so it feels like a bit of a community project.
Every 8×8 square sent is sown into a blanket to keep an AIDS orphan in southern Africa.  It’s a pretty amazing gift to be able to create sitting in your living room.
What other organizations do you know of that could benefit from some moms (or dads, or grandmas, or teenage girls) crafting this Autumn?  Leave a link in the comments… 

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