Thankful Thursday #17

Adding a bit of Throwback Thursday… That’s my sister Julie and I circa June 2000 at Playland in Vancouver.
This week I am ever so thankful for…
  1. Impromptu coffee afternoons at houses with Littlest Petshops. Thanks Krina.
  2. Surprise Facetime with Anita.
  3. Our local Museum… such a fantastic place to spend the morning… 
  4. The Bright Red Book Bus… It’s been a great adventure choosing new books this summer. 
  5. I have a menu plan… we will not starve.
  6. Catching a quick nap on the couch.
  7. Visiting my grandma.
  8. Craig going to the library for me… since I had a bit of a toddler tornado in my car who just needed to go home and sleep.
  9. Safeway deli… cheap yummy lunch for me.
  10. Clean water.

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