In Which I Make an Announcement…

Some of you know that I have been dabbling in fiction writing… This was something I loved as a child and a teen… but I shelved it for a long time…  
I recently finished my first short story and I had been trying to figure out how to actually put my work in front of readers… Then a glorious, wonderful, ridiculous, scary idea popped into my head one night at bed time… because of course that is when all glorious, wonderful, ridiculous, scary ideas tend to show up.
A new blog… And so faithful (and not so faithful) readers may I introduce to you…

Affection for Fiction

“This is a space to hone my fiction writing craft… share my favorite works and maybe inspire with a few writing prompt link ups… I would love for this to be an online meeting place for a writing community.”

Please please please feel free to stop over… read… share and leave comments.

Oh an don’t worry I will still be writing here at Goats Milk Lattes as well.

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