Slowly Slowly Slowly…

When Hudson was wee… about 3 or 4… his favourite bedtime story was “Slowly, slowly, slowly,” said the sloth. In the book a menagerie of exotic animal characters poke fun at the sloth labelling him things like “lazy” and “boring”.
I discovered this week, that I am that collection of animals…
I just finished reading Notes From aBlue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider. She has oodles of great tips for living a simpler, more intentional life. From slow food, to being careful what you say “yes” to, to experiencing other cultures with your family… Tsh’s book is thought provoking, attitude changing, and inspiring… You guys I am actually having fantasies about international travel with my children… granted my fantasies also include taking along a full time nanny… baby steps right?
Anyway back to me being a jungle bully… slowing down is HARD!!! We are currently vacationing on a rather remote (you have to take 3 ferries to get to it from Vancouver) island… it’s full of beaches and nature trails… there are businesses here that are literally only open for 2 hours a week! (Yes you read that right folks).
There are hours that stretch before me for doing nothing but reading… or napping… but I’m planning… “What are we doing tomorrow folks?” “Stop making rainbow loom bracelets and let’s doooo something…” I may be getting a little whiny. I’m glad I notices this little… shall we say glitch?… in my programming before we head home…

So for the last few days of vacation I will sneak in a few more pages of my book while the children are hunting for their flip flops… I will embrace late dinners as an extension of my afternoon… and I will try really hard to be OK with doing things Slowly slowly slowly…

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