4 Ways to Remember Your Monthly Goals

Soo… I’ve tried making goal lists on the blog before…Like here here and here… Then I just didn’t think about them again for a whole month.  I really want to set some monthly resolutions, but first I need to figure how to keep them front and center.  Here are a few tricks I’ve thought up…

1. Stick It In My Face

One of my goals is to not text or be on social media during school time… so perhaps this sign on the schoolroom door would be extra helpful… it would also make it easy for my kiddos to remind me of the new rule.  

2. Hidden Reminders

Similar to the first… but maybe a little more private.  You know like say your goal is to get dressed everyday… you might not want the neighbor you’re having over for tea to know that you spend most days in your pajamas… so maybe a little post it where you will see it when you wake up is the trick.

3. Make It Musical

Say your goal is to workout in the morning… then set the music on your alarm to a song that energizes you… or teach your preschooler to burst into your room pre-dawn and sing “Do You Want to Build a SNOOOOWMAAAAAN!?”  Either one will probably get your blood pumping.

4. Set Reminders on Your Phone

(Just not for the times you are in the no phone zone). This is a good option for practices you want to turn into habits.  Maybe you want to text your husband three times a day… great… Create a reminder so you won’t let the whole 12 hours slip by without those tidbits of connection.
All right now it’s your turn… Tell me… How do you remember your goals?
photo credit: chrisinplymouth via photopin cc
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