Inspired Can Be a Lonely Place

You know when you’ve read or watched something that inspires and makes you want to stretch… reach… love… do wonderful things…

Then you look around and find that being inspired can be a lonely place…

So you try to pull others in along with you… here just watch this YouTube video you cry out on to the pages of Facebook… then you will see what I see… just read this book… this blog post… this great quote.. and you will feel how I feel.

But your plan to recruit fails… Oh yes dear one your intentions are good… you mean well… but not everyone is keen to join the race.

Your experiences and revelations are yours alone… and that can be scary… because the path you travel has bends and hills that you can’t see past… sometimes you will have a friend to walk with you a little ways… a partner to collaborate with… there will be cheerleaders along some parts of the route… but other parts there will be nothing other than the sound of you putting one foot in front of the other to spur you on.

Try not to be frustrated with those who are behind you… there is plenty for them to read and watch or hear back there… cheer for them.

Don’t worship those who are up ahead… listen and learn… but be prepared that you will part ways at the forks you can’t yet see.

Be content that you are growing… enjoy your super marathon… slow down and take it in when you can… run hard when you need to… and when it is hard… look around and find more inspiration.

Note: I’m mostly writing to myself here… but feel free to find helpful bits in my words.

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1 Response to Inspired Can Be a Lonely Place

  1. Kari says:

    Love it, Sarah! Wise, wise words. Be encouraged, there is one who always walks with you.


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