Because This… 19th Edition

It’s the weekend… but what does that really mean for stay at home mothers?  Perhaps we will strive for adventure of some sort tomorrow… Outdoors?  In the mean time… here are a spattering of my favorites from this week:

Some of my other favorite photos can be found over at Fruitful Abundance

Could you go a year without buying anything new?  Holy smokes!  What a challenge!  I am pretty sure I would want to create a few capsule wardrobes before embarking on anything so lofty.  Still a good experiment to see how little we actually NEED.

Ok I seriously want to be friends with Shannon… I feel like we are knit from the same variegated yarn… You are always welcome in my home… Come In… Here, we hold hands with the mess of life…

And here at Goats Milk Lattes… You all were so supportive and loving when I posted about our first miscarriage… it is extremely vulnerable to share such a story and I am ever so greatful for your love and kindness.
How about you?  What inspired or interested you this week?  What are your adventurous weekend plans?

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1 Response to Because This… 19th Edition

  1. miranda says:

    I tried to convince my family to do a 40 days of nothing challenge this summer, I'm still working on them. 40 day where you can buy nothing. Fill your gas tank and grocery shop once and make it last. I sooooo want to do it.


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