Because Sometimes you Have to do Something.

My family is big on birthdays… or maybe just I am and the rest of my family indulges me… I don’t know.

I love my own birthday… send me best wishes?  Yes please!  Come out a celebrate with me? Of Course!  Oh you got me a gift!  Now I know you love me so.

The last birthday I spent with my sister Julie she was turning 20.  One of those milestone birthdays that end in a zero and tend to be bigger celebrations than the rest of the birthday for the next decade.

Well this year, in just over a month Julie would have turned 30.  I need to do something to honor that… to celebrate my little sister.  To reflect… has it really been 10 years since we’ve celebrated a birthday together?

In true Julie style I am using her birthday to help others.

Friends, family and random strangers who may read my blog… lets work together and carry on Julie’s fight to find a cure and celebrate the light she was to others who fought alongside her against Cystic Fibrosis.

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