Stop the Elf Attacks!

Forgive me if I’m wrong but I have yet to find a blog post or online article that says “If you don’t have an Elf on the Shelf then you are a crappy family and you are celebrating Christmas all wrong.” But I have seen plenty of Facebook statuses and blog posts insinuating that we “Elf” families have WAY too much time on our hands, or we are making children in other families question why they don’t have an elf… or my favorite… that we are using Elf on the Shelf to spy on our kids to make them behave better for Santa.

Let me debunk these myths for you.  Our family has an elf because… shockingly… we think it’s super fun to come up with great elf antics and then wait for our excited children to find Elfie in what ever creative predicament we have placed him in.

I don’t bake or elaborately decorate my house for Christmas so I guess that frees up some time for elf business.  That being said those of you with an eye for amazing decor that makes you feel magical at Christmas, I love gazing in awe at your Instagram profiles.

As for your children’s questions about why you don’t have an elf?  Well that’s really up to you to answer, but I would guess a simple “Different families have different traditions at Christmas” might suffice.  I do ask that you avoid telling them that only “bad kids” need an elf though.

 On that note I would say please watch what you write on social media.  The words you intended to be funny could be hurtful.

Stop the Elf Attacks!… it’s Christmas for goodness sake!

*Note this blog post was edited.  I posted in passionate haste earlier and let my emotions get the best of me.

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1 Response to Stop the Elf Attacks!

  1. Well said Sarah! I once had someone rake me over the coals because my son still believed in Santa at 6 years old…it's just something fun's Christmas for heaven's sake!


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